The Wealth Management Process

Define needs, goals and risk tolerance

Your advisor is dedicated to helping clients define and address their specific financial needs. We begin by developing a clear picture of your current financial situation as well as your long-term goals. Concurrently, we will also assess your tolerance for investment risk, allowing us to make sure that your investment strategy is appropriate.

Create a financial strategy and portfolio structure

Once we have a complete understanding of your financial situation, we will craft a customized financial strategy that provides a clear picture of where you are now, where you want to be, and a time frame and road map to get there. We will also develop an investment strategy that not only compliments your financial strategy, but also is tax-aware and takes no undue risk.

Implement investment selections

Through the use of best-in-class, conflict-free investment research, our own proprietary investment portfolios, institutional money mangers, and one of the largest investment product platforms in the industry, your advisor will assemble a portfolio of investments that are best suited
for your financial strategy, thereby maximizing your opportunity to achieve your goals.

Provide continuing services

Once we have put your investment strategy to work, our job has just begun.  We monitor our clients’ portfolios and suggest changes when an asset class, money manager, or particular investment falls in or out of favor.  Periodic client contacts provide brief updates and determine if there have been any situational changes that necessitate adjustments in their financial strategy.  Annually, comprehensive financial reviews are available to compare actual results against your plan and to make adjustments accordingly.

BNY Research and Commentary

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